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2008FebEduCampSaratogaNYPresentations ! Presentation Ideas


To add your ideas to this list, click the blue "Edit Page" button above, enter the site password (c4mp), and follow the format of the existing entries.


Post your ideas for presentation you would like to give or see.


  • Wil Doane: Wikis -- what they are and how to use them for community building and education (by popular demand)
  • John Delano: Building partnerships between universities and high schools to obtain federal funding to enrich research experiences for high school science students.
  • Sam Bowser: Bridging the gap between Fine Arts and Hard Sciences to improve science literacy.
  • Paul Zachos: A practical alternative to high stakes, norm-referenced testing
  • Cindy Sargent:: Motivating learners to desire knowledge and want achievement through meaningful learning.
  • Laurie Freeman: Bluetooth and MS OneNote: online access to the face to face classroom
  • Bob Pruzek: Observations on the logic/effects of No Child Left Behind legislation, and some thoughts about federal funding in education for the future

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