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2008FebEduCampSaratogaNYAttendees 2008FebEduCampSaratogaNYAttendees ! To add your name to this list, click the blue "Edit Page" button above, enter the site password (c4mp), and follow the format of the existing entries.

Name: Paul Zachos

Organization: ACASE

Email: pazacase.org

Related Interests: human development, educational assessment, social threefolding

Name: Rebekah Rice

Organization: ACASE

Email: rrriceacase.org

Related Interests:

Name: William Doane

Organization: University at Albany

Email: wd213355albany.edu

Related Interests: Computer Science Education, social software (wikis, blogs), technology in education

Name: John Buckley

Organization: John Buckley Consulting

Email: jbuckleyjbcedtech.com

Related Interests: Improving Instruction and Curriculum, New Assessment Methods, Educational Technology Integration

Name:John Delano

Organization:University at Albany


Related Interests:Federally funded internships (e.g., NASA Astrobiolgy grants to Universities) for high school science students

Name: Brooks Lindsay

Organization: Debatepedia.org, Founder - Part of the International Debate Education Association.

Email: brooksdebatepedia.org

Related Interests: Web 2.0 debate, creating the "Wikipedia of debate".

Name:Sam Bowser

Organization:Wadsworth Center


Related Interests:Art/Science collaboration to improve science literacy.

Name:Joette Stefl-Mabry

Organization:University at Albany


Related Interests:Teaching, Learning & Assessment in P-12 and Higher Education; Technology & Education; Problem-Based Learning (PBL); Learning Communities (Collaboration/Cooperation)

Name: Ira Goldstein

Organization: University at Albany

Email: iragoldsteinusanet

Related Interests: Technology in education; Natural Language Processing

Name: Susan Bokan

Organization:Not for Profit Foundations


Related Interests:The Arts, the World and how to better understand it.

Name:Peggy Sharkey

Organization:WSWHE BOCES Language and Culture Resource Center


Related Interests:international education and global languages

Name:Rosemarie Heinegg



Related Interests:education, assessment, theory, evaluation

Name:Dave ABauer



Related Interests:Educational Technology, online learning

Name: Hollyday Hammond

Organization: Saratoga Social Therapy Group/East Side Institute

Email: hollyday@nycap.rr.com

Related Interests: improvisation and performance in education, community building and human development

Name: Gwen Lowenheim

Organization: East Side Institute

Email: Glowenheim@eastsideinstitute.org

Related Interests: creating developmental learning environments using performance and improvisation, Vygotsky, international social entrepreneurism

Name: Laurie Freeman

Organization: Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Email: lfreeman@fmcc.suny.edu

Related Interests: Classroom technology, science education online, assessment

Name: Jennifer Burgin

Organization: Lexington (Massachusetts) Public Schools

Email: jburginmindspringcom

Related Interests: Professional development for public school teachers, middle school teaching and curriculum development, Earth, moon, sun and shadows

Name: Andrew Thomas

Organization: Rondout Valley Central Schools

Email: athomas@rondout.k12.ny.us

Related Interests: High school science education, special education, technology, practical assessments and increased educator information sharing

Name: Justine Seksinsky

Organization: Rondout Valley High School

Email: jseksinsky@rondout.k12.ny.us

Related Interests: Teaching science through inquiry, incorporating technology in the classroom, developing and using authentic assessments, and increasing awareness of core capabilities amongst other teachers.

Name: Christopher-Robin Healy

Organization Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology

Email: gulftangofox@gmail.com

Related Interests: Permaculture design and teaching, sustainable solutions and troubleshooting, fungi/polyculture systems, living machines.

Name: Montana Tracy

Organization:Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology


Related Interests: Permaculture and teaching K-12 Permaculture related topics/lifestyle. Suburban and urban water edge garden systems. Community garden design.

Name: Craig Cantello



Related Interests: Engineering education, advanced multimedia tools, environmental education

Name: Bob Pruzek

Organization: SUNY Albany


Related Interests: The role of methods in improving education; design, assessment, data collection, analysis, more




Related Interests:




Related Interests:




Related Interests:




Related Interests:

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